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Week of December 28, 2015

The Santa Claus rally was in full effect last week as equity markets soared in the holiday-shortened week. The S&P 500 jumped 2.8%, bringing the index back to even for the year.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite each gained 2.5%. Some of the best performing sectors during the week were the ones hardest hit during the year. After a late week stabilization in oil prices, the energy sector jumped 5%. Commodity-related stocks rose 4% as well. Both remain down by double digits for 2015.

Oil’s Slippery Slope

Oil hit an 11-year low at just over $36 for a barrel of Brent Crude last Monday before rallying later in the week. This equated to a 19% drop at its lowest for December and the quickest decline in the commodity since the recession of 2008. Excess supply has been the driver and oil production is showing no signs of abating as global producers are close to all-time highs. This, coupled with inevitable release of Iranian and Libyan barrels, continues to put downward pressure on the price of oil as we enter the last few trading days of 2015. However, it has shown some signs of life from time to time. Late in the week, oil prices bounced 9% off of the historic lows to finish above $38.122815 Chart 1

Mergers and Acquisitions

As we look back at 2015, the list of mergers and acquisitions $50 billion or more broke a 17-year record. One would have to go back to the tech boom of the late 90s to see activity similar to this year’s. While the type of companies involved in these record-breaking deals varied, the driver was almost uniformly the same. Many of these companies were seeing slower growth and M&A activity presents a path to expansion. Low interest rates and high stock valuations made financing the deals all that much easier. Topping the charts were the Pfizer-Allergan and Anheuser-Busch/Inbev deals which came in at $160 billion and $120 billion, respectively. 122815 Chart 2

Jobless Claims Fall

Last week, the Labor Department reported just 267,000 filings for unemployment benefits for the week ending December 19th. This was down by 5,000 people from the prior week and below consensus expectations. It is also the lowest level in four weeks. We would note that this figure is notoriously volatile, and a four-week moving average, which smooths out some volatility, increased slightly to 272,500 claims. However, jobless claims have been below 300,000 since March 2015, and for the entire year we will witness the fewest number of initial filings for unemployment benefits since 1973. Fewer than 15 million people have made initial requests for benefits this year, nearly half as many in 2009.  This demonstrates the continued momentum with the improving employment picture.

Fun Story of the Week

What’s the biggest gift you’ve ever given? Big is relative. It can be big in terms of the cost, time or effort. There is a group of Norwegians who are taking “big” to a new level. Bjorn Geirr Harsson, the former chief engineer of the Norwegian Mapping Authority, has proposed giving Norway’s neighbor, Finland, a mountain to celebrate its 100th anniversary of independence. The mountain, Halditsohkka, stands at 4,367 feet and a mere 650 feet away from the Finnish border. If approved, this would now be the tallest peak in Finland. The Finnish embassy is aware of the proposal and it appears most seem in favor of the friendly shift in borders. While the gift is substantial indeed, Norway remains the more mountainous of the two with almost 200 peaks reaching 6,500 feet or more.

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