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Helpful Tips and Troubleshooting

See below for various tips that will help you access your encrypted flash drive:

Sample Password:  JF$$1234

  • Your password is: capital letter "J", capital letter "F", dollar sign "$", dollar sign "$", last four digits of the primary taxpayer's Social Security Number "0000".

Example:  --John Doe's Social Security number is: 123-45-6789

                  --John Doe's password will then be:  JF$$6789

Troubleshooting Tips
  • Double check that the letters "JF" are both being entered as CAPITALIZED letters
  • Make sure you are typing both of the dollar sign symbols "$$" 
  • If you are typing in your Social Security number at the end of "JF$$" and the password is still not working AND you are filing a return Married Filing Jointly then try using the Social Security number of your spouse that is listed on your return and then the password should work. 
  • If you feel that you are typing in the password correctly as "JF$$(Last 4 digits of the primary taxpayers Social Security number) and it is still not working then please contact our office for further instructions.